Simplicity carried to Elegance

SCDS opens many doors for you as we enjoy an excellent relationship with the fashion industry’s leading labels. These companies offer experience and training to our students through internships, and in doing so, they choose their future collaborators amongst our students. We participate every year in fashion shows at an inter-college level in order to promote student exposure and networking, since these shows have extensive media coverage and associations with industry giants. It is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase the student’s potential. All the designs and concepts are prepared by the students with guidance through the professional inputs of the faculty.As a practice-based art school, we believe in a disciplined approach that encourages students to develop their own styles, to blend talent, technical skills, creative aspirations and professional knowledge. With a strong emphasis on technical design, our curriculum provides students with fundamental knowledge of the design process and full range of skills to create a fashion, interior and product designs. Our classes our led by practising professional designers, which ensures our curriculum is appropriate to the needs of the design marketplace.Samana continues to assiduously adhere to its goals.

SCDS is a hub where students collaborate with peers throughout fashion houses, industry partners, and communities around India and with students from NABA University, a global center of art, design, and business. We enjoy an excellent relationship with top fashion brands who choose their trainees, as well as future collaborators, from amongst its students. With multiple opportunities for exposure and guidance from industry professionals, we prepare the students to develop their own unique sense of design and meet the dynamic demands of the industry.Programs are optimized for a new kind of artist: One who goes beyond mere aesthetics and expertise and one who thinks about the way their practice engages with the world at large.SCDS opens limitless opportunities.

Chairperson’s Note

"“Design must first be felt to be expressed. At SCDS, we encourage our students to give boundless expressions to their taste, emotions & thoughts, and produce creations that have a signature of personal identity. We are not just an institution, but a vision that has taken concrete shape over a period of time.SCDS facilitates specialization in a field while enabling interdisciplinary and cross- area erudition that affords designers the broader perspective they need in today’s professional world. Whether you are a novice or a pro, we nurture students towards expert technical proficiency by providing small individualized classes, flexible schedules, and a vibrant student and alumni community. With a commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and technology, our graduates are equipped with the most relevant skills for the future of fashion.This is why we are recognised as one of India’s best fashion and interior designing schools. So, no matter what career stream they choose, SCDS promises to transform their potential into a highly-rewarding career.”

Our Objectives

The curriculum generates scope for opportunities to integrate experiential and explorative learning in order to understand and achieve a high degree of creative innovation and quality.

A flexible framework for student-centered learning, whereby courses and assignments are able to harness the potential each student has in terms of creative expression and multi-dimensional learning.

Each programme must provide the opportunity to identify, plan and achieve learning goals through an understanding of cultural, social and technological developments in the context of historical, contemporary and individual concerns.

The objective, learning value and standard for each course are predetermined, but the context and relevance is repositioned by the faculty depending on the changing realities of the design profession and the level of professional competence achieved and demonstrated by each group of students.

To provide interdisciplinary and progressive knowledge of design but with a focused understanding of an area of specialisation suited to the professional design practice.

There should be ample opportunity to develop innovative and exploratory thinking, necessary technical skills and the ability to locate individual design approaches within the appropriate professional context.

The ability to develop critical, analytical, speculative and reflective problem-solving skills in an integrated manner. To understand the scenario cum user based and culture centric approach of design.

To provide complete understanding of technical, managerial and design fundamentals along with a strong exposure to real life situations so that they are able to experience how the intellectual, creative and other skills acquired could be adopted to benefit the user, society and industry.


A pioneer design incubator nurturing emerging design in the state of Andhra Pradesh since last 10 years in Vijayawada.

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We have now expanded into Telangana with our branch in Hyderabad with the best state-of-art facilities and teaching.



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