Interior Design

Building are a combination of spaces. Scapes evoke feelings, emotions and memories. Creating spaces that are integral to the building's fabric whilst encouraging movement in, around and through individual spaces, to create a lasting impression is a challenge for an interior designer.Design plays an important role in maximising the functionality of a space while the form or aesthetics has a direct bearing on our state of mind. This course teaches you about the dynamics of an interior environment. An interior design enables a student to look at a space through the lens of a designer. The fundamental skills of a student in drawing, design concepts, material technology and design history are polished. The knowledge of technical and aesthetic principles builds a foundation for space planning, colour, materials, and finishes. Moreover, the student will learn how to communicate their design both verbally and visually.

Available Courses:

Bachelors in Interior Design – Course Duration 4 years


The three-year Interior design Programme is about creating beyond decoration which combine practicality, sustainability and beauty to achieve the specific aims of a project. Interior design is an exciting, growing field where creative individuals with an eye for detail can influence human interaction and improve quality of life in the built environment.The objective of this Bachelor’s in interior design course is for students to broaden their perceptions of interior space, which enables them to create visual compositions using both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The bachelor in interior design course adopts an inter-disciplinary approach, integrating the subjects of material science and design skills.

First Semester

Basic Design

Introduction to art and Interior Design

Design Drawings and Graphics - 1

Interior Design Materials and Applications 1

Communication Skills

Workshop (Ceramics, Model Making and Photography)

Second Semester

Naba Module ID-1

Space Planning

Creativity and Problem Solving

Design Drawing and Graphics 2

Interior Design Material and Applications 2

Basic Computer Applications

Workshop 2 (wood, metal and textile)

Third Semester

Interior Design 1

Furniture Design

Advanced Materials and Applications

History of Interior Design

Workshop 3 (Furniture Design)

Fourth Semester

Naba Module ID-2

Interior Design 2

Lifestyle Accessories Design

Environmental Control 1

Estimation and Project Management

Advanced Computer Applications

Integrated Project work 1

Fifth Semester

Interior Design 3

Working Drawings and details

Environmental Control 2

Interior Services

Signage and Graphics

Integrated Project Work 2

Sixth Semester

Naba Module ID-3

Interior Design 4


Interior Landscape

Professional Practise

Psychology of Space and Behavioural Science

Integrated Project Work 3

Seventh Semester

Interim Training

Revitalization of Art or Craft

Design Thesis

Eight Semester

Practical Training

Career Opportunity

Interior designer, Residential / Commercial, Draftsmen, Visual Merchandising Designer, Showroom Assistant, Color & Merchandise Consultant, Buyer / Restoration Work Designer, Furniture / Product Designer etc.

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Diploma in Interior Design – Course Duration 1 year


A year-long diploma program is divided into several modules that undertake a consolidated teaching plan and hypothetical design projects. These projects resemble live design projects in every aspect thus requiring students to build all the skills a designer needs to come through a real-life project.

They understand the given spaces and requirements and learn to collect data based on the requirements and learn about the project,by studying the required measurements and area along with working on the interior layout of the furniture and furnishing.Working on the finishes including colours, textures and materials with a complete understanding of costing and estimation is also part of the course.The students have to make presentation drawings and models at the end of completion of the modules.

Course Content

  • Drawings and graphics
  • Materials
  • Computer Applications
  • Computer Aided Drawing and Drafting-1
  • Elements of Interior Design
  • Working Drawings
  • Computer Aided Drawing and Drafting- 2
  • Construction details and estimation of interiors
  • Practical training

Career Opportunity

Interior designer, Residential / Commercial, Draftsmen, Visual Merchandising Designer, Showroom Assistant, Color & Merchandise Consultant, Buyer / Restoration Work Designer, Furniture / Product Designer etc.

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